Friday, September 25, 2009

Polymer Clay Mirror Images & the Counter saga

Yesterday morning I'd planned to work on canes but my work area was a mess, scrap clay all over the place, so I decided I'd better do a little cleanings. Some of the clay went in the scrap bin to be used later for bead guts, some was past saving... covered in dust and cat hair... so it went in the trash. My black cat. Fritz, is pretty cool, he carefully steps over my projects as he makes his way to his spot in the window. but not Corny, my orange cat, she bumbles around like a bull in a china shop swishing that bushy tail and plops her fanny down right in the middle of everything When I yell at her she gives me "that look" and just sits there. As a result most everything I make has cat hair in it.

I layered some brown and yellow clay and made these. I divided the rest into colorful piles and made mirror images. I am fascinated with mirror images, I get a real kick out of cutting open the clay to see what's inside. Click on the photo for a closer look.
While the pieces were in the oven I attended the Claypen chat on PCC and somehow got the brilliant idea I needed a counter on my blog. One of the ladies pointed me in the direction of a link where I could get a free counter. Looked easy, just copy and paste.... the copy part was easy... the paste part, not so easy. I needed a place to paste.... so there I sat starring at all those "Add a Gadget" thingies once again.

I'd been through this before when I tried to add my Esty shop link , which ended in total failure. I asked my friend Moe for help.... she has a link to her Etsy shop on her blog, she could help me, right? Unfortunately friend Moe is as computer ignorant as I am but she does know how to scream "HELP!!" really loud .... to which friend Kathi comes running. Kathi just shakes her head and in a matter of minutes the Etsy link magically appears on my blog.

Okay so there I sit with the counter ready to paste and no place to paste it. I tried putting it in the header, nope, no place for it there. My profile, no, not there either. I then accidently clicked on my My Etsy Shop link.... and erased it. I was in a total panic, pulling my hair, chewing my nails, until I remembered Kathi saying something about Etsy Mini.... so I rushed over there copied the gobbly gook in the Mini place rushed back to my blog and pasted... and lo and behold it worked!! Course I didn't have the columns right, took me three tries going back and forth copying and pasting.... but it finally looked good again. Now I have a headache and am totally defeated, time to scream "HELP" . The all powerful Guru Geek promptly answered and in less than 2 minutes the kitty cat counter was sitting there on the bottom of my blog for all the world to see.... go on ... scroll down there and take a look.

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