Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peyote Ring Bands & Drum Beads

I finished a couple more polymer clay drum beads with peyote bead bands. Here's is how I made them.

1. First I made a band of beads in a peyote pattern. I used round Rocailles seed beads to make the band on the left the other two are Delicas beads. I'm saving the first band for another project.

2. I found a couple pieces of scrap clay in complimentary colors and rolled out a log smaller in circumference than the band.

3. I then slipped the band onto the center of the log.

4. I pushed the ends of the log toward the center until the band is filled out and the sides are about an eight of an inch higher than the circumference of the band in the center.

5. I then began gently rolling and pushing to get the two sides even. I used the dull side of cutting blade to gently keep the inside edge in a straight line.

6. Instead of leaving the beads round I used my brayer to flattened them to form oval beads.

7. I used a wooden skewer to make the holes and then widen them with a knitting needle to accommodate rubber cord or satin cord.


  1. welcome to the world of blogging! I love your beaded drum beads. sheesh say that fast five times.


  2. Thank you Kathi. I appreciate all you help.