Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thing a Day Day 8 WIP

Today's "TAD" is a work in progress. I made another mirror image..... have you noticed I really like mirror images?  .... from cane end scraps.  I couldn't decided which end was up so I folded it in half and made it reversible .... now I still can't decide which end is up.  Help me out here...

Here's the pendant.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I put three holes on the ends to add beads and wire.

This is one side with the fold up

and here is the fold down.

Now here is the reverse side.... fold up

and reverse side, fold down.

Okay, what do you think.... fold up or fold down?  Keep in mind I am going to add beads and wire but first I have to find which beads and wire.  My muse has her thinking cap on.  Wish me luck, I'm heading back to the clay room.

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  1. It's gorgeous and looks good in all directions but I think I prefer fold up.