Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 "Thing A Day" Day 22 Mica Shift

For my Day 22 of Thing a Day I combined one of my "border" canes with Mica Shift.  I took these photos so they are not very good, I'll have Heather take better ones tomorrow.

I mixed an olive green then combined it with Kato silver, stamped it with one of my new texture sheets to make the mica shift.

Close up of the round pendant.

I used the center from the above pendant and a couple smaller circles on a black and green background.

The last items in this group are a couple odd shaped beads and a small pendant.

Tomorrow I'm going to do something with purple..... already conditioned some of the clay.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. LOVE the colors and the design, just beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing today with the purple.

    Can't believe this is for TAD day #22... ALREADY! February is flying by.

    1. Thanks Trina. Time flies when your having fun.... hard to believe TAD will be over soon.

  2. Nice, the odd shaped beads would make cracking earrings to match the other pieces I reckon :)