Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Thing A Day Days 24 & 25 Border Cane & ATC's

I got a day behind so I'm catching up today  I made another border cane yesterday and today I used it... and the left overs... to make beads and pendants.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here is the new cane I made for Day 24

Here is a couple small "left over" canes.

I made these for Day 25. A couple Mirror Image tiles and an oval cabochon and two flat oval tiles for earrings.

The cabochon also has a band around the side.  I am going to make a beaded necklace with this one.

Okay, now for the really fun part.... the ATCs I received from the other swapper.

The first one, top row right, is from Vesta. The photo does't do it justice, it is translucent and will look pretty hanging in the window.

Top left is by Trina, it has a lovely textured pink background highlighted with Pearl Ex and then decorated with "Love" charms.

Bottom left by Elizabeth, a shimmer textured background decorated with Zodiac signs and gold stickers.

The bottom right is by Denise, a pretty faux fabric design stamped with dainty gold flowers and pretty cane flowers in the  gathered center.

Top row right is "Moonrise over the Alaska Range" by Beckie Fox

Top left is a mixed media ATC "Tempus Fugit"  by "Cosmic Beads"

Bottom left, Lovely shimmers in brilliant colors by Angela.

Bottom right,  Fantastic prancing horse by Janette

Top row left. Sweet little Bird in a delicate bush of pearly flowers, by Jackie (the host of the swap)

Top row right, A delightful owl sitting on a winter branch above a blanket of snow.  by Susan  (I love owls)

Bottom row left,  Another of Janette's  awesome horses... I spotted these on Flickr before I got my box, I had my fingers crossed I"d get one.... lucky me I got two!! (Just goes to show finger crossing works!)

Bottom right, I absolutely love silhouettes.... this one is by Jeanann.

Top left, Pretty spring cottage by Sandie

Top right, "Good Morning" by Linda... the message is so true!

Bottom left, Shimmering Golden butterfly wing with rhinestone by Helen.... very pretty, it has a deco look.

Botton right, Lovely hanging garden scene... by Denise

Top left, pretty blue and white flowers scattered across an aqua background, made by Dori.

Top right, Paisley design by Eva.  Looks like tooled leather to me, my Mom had a hand tooled leather purse with a similar design... reminds me of good times.

Bottom left, Gorgeous cane ATC by Matt.... "BigKerm" makes fantastic canes.  (check them out on Flickr)

Bottom right, Lovely 3-D  "Floating Flowers"  by Kelly. Don't they look like they are floating on a summer breeze?

This was a great swap!  Jackie kept us well informed, cracked the whip to keep us moving and gave us lots of encouragement. She did a SUPER job.  Except making us wait to open the boxes!!  She didn't open the boxes until they all arrived, I would never have the will power to do that, I wanted to fly out to Nevada and rip open those boxes.... (and I'm afraid to fly!)  guess that's why she's the host and I'm not.

 I'd never  made ATC's before so I had great fun making them and even more fun opening the package and finding all the mini treasures.   My next project is to find a special spot in my clay room to display them... I'll ask Heather to help me, she is good with things like that.

Okay Jacks.... I'm ready for the next swap!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit...Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You're so sweet with your comments. I had the best time of all, I'm sure. GREAT ATCs!! I was so lucky to get to hold every one of them (for a minute or two anyway - I had someone else cracking the whip over me!) It was hard to watch them go. I'm so happy that you like your lovely ATC collection. We'll do it again for sure!