Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thing A Day Day 1

Today is the first day of our "Thing a Day Challenge" on Polymer Clay Central.  Many talented artists participating so I hope you'll stop by and see all the goodies.

I finished my ATC' and will get them in the mail in a day or two. I've taken lots of photos so I can show them to you as soon as the swap takes place. And I will be able to show you the ones I receive... that will really be the fun part for me!!  Now I can concentrate on Thing a Day

Here is what I made for Day 1

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I'm still kinda in my ATC mind set... can you tell? I made a couple mirror image pendants.

I thought this mirror image looked like a lion face... Heather said tiger.... but I'm sticking with lion. I gave him a wire mane or at least that was the plan... poor old guy is having a bad hair day!!  He looks a little irritated...  not overly pleased with his "do" I'm thinking.

I used a cane end scrap that a friend gave me... to make the lion and the other mirror image. I love these colors together don't you?

I will use the glass beads in the first photo and colored wire to make a chain for the pendants.

Thanks for stopping by.  More TAD tomorrow!!


  1. Great. Its a bit more elaborate than my first go for TAD!

  2. Oh, I mean your piece is great! Not "oh great, it is so much more elaborate than mine"!!

  3. LOL Flo... tis okay... I knew what you meant.

  4. Good start! 2 things! Love that blue. Look forward to seeing what you make tomorrow

    1. Thank you Cara. Yip, I had enough scrap for two pendants.

  5. I love love love the bad hair day lion! That is fantastic.

  6. LOL thanks Jackie... does the scrap look familiar?

  7. Beautiful colors! I see both the lion and the your mix of wire and polymer.