Monday, February 1, 2010

Polymer Clay Canes "Thing a Day" Day 1

I got up really early this morning.... like 3:30 AM... nope, not the cats this time... heartburn.

Last night I fixed chicken fried steak for dinner. My recipe is simple, dredge the tenderized steak in flour, then beaten eggs with a little milk added and then dread again in flour. A little boring so I looked up recipes on the internet... all were basically the same as mine except for one gal who adds a little cayenne pepper to the flour. Yip, you guess it... I may have added a little to much cayenne... the steak was good but it did have a kick and the gravy was pretty spicy. Result... heartburn.

I was already up so I spent the morning making canes. Not to crazy about these but they did make cool scraps.
Looks like I over reduced the one on the left but the one on the right is kinda nice and I like the little leftover canes in the center.
After I made the canes I took a nap. You can do that when you're retired, nap when ever you want. So now I am playing with the canes and the cool scraps. I'll show you what I made tomorrow.

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