Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodies from Moe, Quill Beading & Cabs

I got a surprise in the mail the other day, my friend Moe sent me some really cool treasures.

The first is this wonderful Quill Beaded Pendant. The cabochon is a mica shift cab that I sent her in a Moebox a few months ago. The cab began life as an earring with dangles which Moe promptly dismantled, she used the dangles on another pair of earrings and, as you can see, made this luscious pendant for me. I was unfamiliar with bead quilling but I absolutely love this look so I pestered her to share where she learned it. A book of course... so I hied right over to Amazon and ordered the book, along with a couple others... I can't resist books, and Amazon always sucks me in with that "Free Shipping" thing.....

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Moe also send me an array of colorful cabs that I can bead when my book arrives..... hey, you think she knew I couldn't resist and would have to have that book? Maybe she is a secret agent for authors and suppliers. She did get me started on Chinese knot tying, that cost me a bundle at the Satin Cord Store, wire work, yip... blew most of my Social Security check at Wigjig. She's the one who told me about Victoria James texture sheets and Boston Clay Works (or was that Jackie?) Gets a little scary when you think about it.
Truth is Moe is very cool and has a very entertaining blog... if you haven't discovered it yet hie yourself over to MoeArt I guarantee she will make you smile.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention tomorrow in the first day of the annual THING A DAY challenge on Polymer Clay Central. A group of very talented artists will be showing what they are working on everyday for the month of February. Please feel free to join in or stop by and see all the neat stuff.


  1. Yikes! I had no idea you had so much money to spend, Beej! I will endeavor to think up more places for you to spend it. :D Isn't getting an SS check the absolute BEST? :D I LOVE blowing mine!

  2. LOL, there is something to be said about getting paid for being old. It's my second childhood allowance.

  3. Beautiful pendant and VERY COOL cabs......and I agree, Moe is the bestest! Hope you have a blast when the book arrives.