Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Years Gift Wrapping Winner

And the winner is...... granddaughter Sarah for her cadaver dog Darby.

Cory and Amanda have a real dog named Darby. He is a Brittany Spaniel mix that looks like a black lab. Darby is almost a year old. They got him from the animal shelter when he was a pup. Darby is a sweet, happy dog but he loves to chew/eat everything. I know most puppies go through the chewing stage but Darby has taken it to an extreme level. He rips up and eats anything with stuffing... couch cushions, comforters, his own doggie bed... he has torn holes in the carpet, eaten holes in the wall board, and damaged the bed frame. The remote control, Amanda's cell phone and other items to numerous to mention are covered in bite marks or have been totally consumed. Darby was Sarah's inspiration for her gift wrap project... Cadaver Dog Darby.

Cadaver dog Darby went to far, he ate Cory's Christmas gifts.... then died.... that's why we call him cadaver dog. He looks pretty healthy but as you can see from the red tag on his leg he is "DEAD"

Click on the photos for a closer look... and so you can read the tag.
Cadaver dog was placed on a cookie sheet. Cory was given a scalpel so he could retrieve his gifts.
Cory was a little apprehensive as he made the incision.
Yikes! blood began to spurt!!
Really getting into it now Cory expanded the incision.... do we have a surgeon in the making, should he should change his major to medicine?

Check the startled look on Eric PEZ... he's thinking "Thank God I wasn't a gift for that guy!" Cory, on the other hand, is really getting into this surgery thing.
Progress is being made... first present is removed.
More to go so he keeps on digging. Second gift come's out with sucking sound... we like realism in our family.

All done, time to clean up a bit. Poor Darby, really looks like a cadaver now, see his lolling tongue and the blood drops on the floor? Remember I told ya, Sarah is a little strange, but we love her anyway.
Here's the real Darby "playing" with a friend.... who appears to be begging for his life. He most likely has heard the rumors and is a little concerned he may be Darby's next victim. Hopefully Darby will be over the chewing stage soon. I'd hate to see him become a cadaver dog.
And here is Sarah receiving the coveted Christmas Trophy from the here-to-for undefeated champion Roger.
Now wasn't that fun? Will Sarah retain the trophy, will Roger make a come back or will a new winner emerge? Oh the suspense! Tune in next year to find out. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful 2010. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. now THAT'S my kind of present! awesome. love the blood!

  2. These is a king of a new invention. this will scare a lot many people and a lot will disregard this also. But i loved it a lot and will try it with my friends. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks Kathi, I agree, the blood was like icing on the cake.

    Thanks Personalized Christmas Stockings..... glad you like it.

  4. okay that was really disgusting!! What was in the gift, did I ever find out? I am laughing, it was so deliciously gross!

  5. Those are some good pictures! I'm glad we're doing the gift wrapping contest/exchange, it's more fun that I thought it would be!

  6. Okay Jackie I'm trying to remember what was in the gift... Cory is a soccer fan, I think it was a soccer jersey from his favorite team... and something else. The wrapping has become more important than the gift.

    Hi Sarah. See I told you it would be fun... you should always listen to grandma!! I agree, that fancy camera of Heather's does take good pictures. I have some really good ones of Lily, come see me and I'll show'em to you.