Monday, January 25, 2010

Round Robin Trash to Treasure Swap Back on Track

The host of the swap is Tonja of Tonja's Polyclay Corner. As you probably know we got a little side tracked but all is now back on track. The new swap box is neatly packed and ready to go!!
I received the donations from several wonderful friends on Polymer Clay Central... you know who you are... thank you very much. Your contributions have made it possible for the swap to continue.

The box is filled to the brim and I do mean "FILLED to the brim"... I am a super duper packer, had lots of practice back in the day when Heather and I packed for antique shows and flea markets. If you had seen all the stuff laid out the table...( I know I should have taken a photo but I forgot, okay?)... I was deep in thought planning my packing strategy, every little nook and cranny had to be filled... and they are. I am a superior packer, yes indeedy!! Sorry MaryLee, I hope you are super packer too.

Now, I did keep a few items for myself. I know I get the box back at the end of the swap and I wrestled with my conscience... the little devil on my left shoulder won.... also the box really was full to the brim (see photo above).... you can ask Marylee when she gets it, she'll tell ya "full to the brim".

So here are my treasures. I had to have a set of Tonja's transfers, I wanted all the fabric but I only kept one and I really wanted the textures but I restrained myself and put them ALL in the box. I consoled myself by vowing to buy some from Tonja later. I had to have a couple of Pam's hearts, a few beads from Cat (yes there are more in the box) cool beads and faux turquoise from Jackie as well as bottles for BOH and a few other supples. I'm not sure what I will do with the hair pieces from Elissa but they looked interesting. I was low on pinbacks so I kept some of those too.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here is a sample of what I added.... mostly polymer clay pieces. Granddaughter Sarah is just getting started making polymer clay jewelry so I gave her most of my excess supplies... plus Heather is going to teach her YaYa sisters how to polyclay when they go on their annual retreat this summer... every time I found something to put in the box she claimed it for the YaYa's.
I am pleased and relieved to have the box back in circulation, may it make the rounds swiftly and without further turmoil. Enjoy!!


  1. You sent it directly to me, right???? :D

  2. BJ your "rep" as a sweetheart is still on track. I told you that you had first right of refusal for everything in the box I sent you, and so you kept a few beads and bottles! LOL. I am immersed in interest over where the box goes now, what gets kept, what gets added, all of it! Can't wait for it's next landing.

  3. Yip, Moe, directly to you... course it has a few stops along the way.

    Let me tell ya Jackie, I was tempted... lots of neat stuff in there.

    I hope everyone takes pictures so we can see what they keep and what is added. If the US postal service cooperates we should get reports every 3 or 4 days... except when it makes detours to Hawaii and Alaska....but those gals make neat stuff so it will be worth the wait.

  4. I think you should have kept anything you wanted out of there, since you are donating your treasure box win so the swap can continue...but bless you for your generousity! I can't wait!


  5. Thanks Claudia... I felt kinda like I was double dipping since I get the box back at the end... but I couldn't resist... the devil made me do it!! :))

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