Friday, January 22, 2010

Skinner Blend Work in Progress

I'm still working on this necklace. I like this arrangement, just have to decided how to put it together.

For a closer look click on the photos.

I started out making 1" square tiles for an "Inchie Swap" I signed up for but once I saw the skinner blend my muse said "necklace" so necklace it is. That happens to me a lot.

I had leftover hunks of tinted translucent clay with inclusions of Martha Stewart glitter in brown, green, peach, and mustard. First I rolled the pieces into cones.
Arranged the cones with the point alternating like so...
I wanted more of the yellow and peach in the center so the cones were a little bigger. After arranging them the way I wanted I flattened them with my brayer.
I then ran it though the pasta machine on the #1 setting and then the #2 setting.

Folding the sheet with the colors lined up I ran it through the pasta machine always putting the folded side in first. After putting it through the pasta machine 20 to 25 time I ended up with the skinner blend sheet below. I ran the sheet through the pasta machine on the #3 setting. I divided it in half and cut half into 1" squares.
I had a sheet of Kato copper clay to which I added a little red and brown. I cut circles for the base of the round tiles. I then ran the remaining half of the translucent skinner sheet through the pasta machine on the #4, #5 and the #6 setting. I let it rest for a bit and cut circles the same size as the copper circles. I used my largest round Kemper cutter to cut out the smaller circles. I then gently used my blade to lift the circles with the cutout and placed them on the copper circles. I used my brayer to adhere the circles together. I then used my little sandpiper stamp for the images inside the cutout circles. I put all the tiles in the oven and cured at 275 for 40 minutes. After removing from the oven I immediately dropped the tiles in ice water for 15 minutes.

I used a paint brush to apply a thin layer of Kato liquid clay in the center circles and put them back in the oven for 20 minutes. After removing from the oven I used my heat gun to clear the liquid clay to a glass like finish.

I then sanded and buffed all the tiles. So far so good, I think it will be an attractive necklace.

Now I need to go make more inchies.


  1. That really came out nice! Love the arrangement for the necklace... should be really interesting considering your wonderful wire-working style :)

  2. drool. double drool. love the colors

  3. Thanks Mary... I've hopin my muse comes up with a creative way to wire it together.

    Thanks Kathi....dang, you drooled all over my tiles, lol!!

  4. LOVE Them.....I can't wait to see the finished necklace...

  5. Those are Gorgeous! Love the colors, and the arrangement.

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that starts out in a direction, and suddenly have something in my hands that I just MUST do something ELSE with.

  6. Thank you Debbie.... oh no, my dear, you are not alone, I do it all the time.

    Hi Sarah. How's your jewelry making coming along?

  7. I've found things I want to do but once I get started I can't figure something out. I am no good at manipulating wire! It's all fun though!

  8. Just be patient and practice, practice, practice. You'll get the hang of it,

  9. I am new to the world of polymer clay artistry. Have been working three weeks on covering eggs. After viewing and reading Donna Kato books, decided i should switch from Sculpey to Kato clay. The Kato clay consistantly gases up when baking. My problem with Sculpey was bleeding. I am very careful not to have any airpockets, but it is gasing up. What can I do to stop the gas releases. Is there a different clay I should be using. Getting really frustrated. Thanks for your wonderful site.

  10. Thanks for posting this teardrop version of the Skinner. Most interesting. Lovely necklace!

  11. Nice idea! Beautiful colors! I will try this method sometime soon. Thank you for sharing.