Saturday, January 16, 2010

Polymer Clay Choker

I found this partially finished choker necklace this morning when I was rummaging through boxes picking out things to add to the Mystery Swap Box so I decided to finish it. Turned out pretty well don't ya think?

I had a difficult time getting a good photo, my display doesn't have much of a neck area but you get the idea.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Update on the Round Robin Trash to Treasure Swap. We have given up on recovering the original swap box. The person who kept it may have an understandable reason for doing so, I do hope she will see fit to share it with us.

Undaunted we are forging ahead with plan B. I have come up with quite a few items to add (a couple that probably would have made it into the Moebox .. but I'm sure Moe won't mind... right Moe?) and several PCC friends, even ones who didn't sign up for the swap, are generously donating items for the new swap box. Following instructions from the hostess with the mostess, Tonja, I will hold the box one more week until the donated items arrive then I'll add my items and send it on it's way. This is the first time I have participated in a swap... had no idea it would last this long or have so many twist and turns.... to much adverture for an old lady but let me tell ya, we are determined to have a successful swap, right guys?

After finishing the necklace and collecting items for the swap I started on the the 1" tiles I'm making for another swap. Yes, I said another swap. PCC friend, Barbara, is hosting an "Inchie Swap". We will each make between 5 and 25 one inch tiles, send them to Barbara along with return postage and she will send back an equal number of tiles made by others participating in the swap. I believe there is still time to sign up if any of you care to join us. Check out the forum on PCC for details. I'll try to find the link and post it later.

The dinger just went off on my oven so I am going to go check on the tiles. I will take photos when they are done so I can show them to you after the swap, along with the tiles I get back. I'm not well versed on swap etiquette but I'm guessing I'm not suppose to post photos before the swap. Lets all keep our fingers crossed this swap goes off without a hitch... I wouldn't want folks to think I'm a jinx!!


  1. Barbara's swap will go off without a hitch, because we are all sending her our tiles and postage money, and she will be responsible for sending everybody's stuff back out. I know Barbara will do it so we have no worries. You are not a jinx!!

  2. Okay Jacks, if you say it will, then it will.... in any event I'm having a great time making tiles. BJ

  3. BJ, you're so sweet for doing this and especially for your first time doing a swap. I loved the choker necklace-- that's a design I hadn't seen before. Neat stuff, and it would be cool to see how it looks with someone wearing it.


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