Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Earrings "Thing A Day" Day 28

Today is the final day of the Anual Polymer Clay Central "Thing A Day" Challenge. Wow, the whole month of February went by pretty fast. I had a good time and I hope everyone else did to.

Today I made Earring for my granddaughter Amanda. Last time she was here she picked out beads and tiles she wanted made into earrings. I had to wait until I had the right kind of earring posts but I finally got the job done. (Sarah if you see this tell your sister her earrings are ready)

Click on the photos for a closer look.

The colors in the brain cane earrings doesn't show up very well. I took several photos but this is the best I could do. The actual colors are shades of green and brown.


  1. BJ - you're granddaughter is seriously lucky. My favorites are the little bugs, I think, but I like them all.

  2. The angels & the bugs are my favorite, but the brain cane is awesome - well they all are. Lucky Amanda!! Thanks for being our Thing-A-Day cheerleader, BJ, it's been tons of fun. I'm in for next year!! (((BJ)))

  3. These are so great!! I have to agree with the others and say that the little 'bugs' are tops of these delightful creations! :)

  4. Thank you Melissa. I made those bugs a long time ago, finally found a use for them.

    Thanks Jacks.... I had fun too. I've put you first on the list for next year.

    Thank you Mary. The bugs seem to be a hit.

  5. Love everything, but the lady bugs are so cute!