Monday, February 8, 2010

Polymer Clay Scrap Pin "Thing A Day" Day 8

Yesterday was not a good day for claying, everything I tried just didn't work.... you ever have a day like that? Even the meatloaf I made was blah.

I made a blue cane that turned into a blue blob, I tried a couple flowers that are just plain ugly and then I made this pin from Day 7 scraps.... it was looking pretty good until I decided to add a drop of alcohol ink in the cutout circle at the top.... what was suppose to be a dainty little drop, like the one at the bottom.. came out a gusher and made a mess that leaked out into the stamped design. I stuck it in the oven hoping for a miracle... maybe heat would make it look better... it didn't.
So I covered it with a flower, okay it's a weird colored flower... my muse was AWOL

Not great but better, time to call it a day.... almost. I took over 30 photos.... different backgrounds, from every angle... these are the best.
No place to go but up... today has to be better.... right?


  1. Well I really like it - it's interesting with the layers of texture and line, some transparency and metallic effects. I miss that meatloaf - it was the best.

  2. Gee, BJ, I think you're being way too hard on yourself. This is NEAT! Too bad about the ink but the flower was a great save. I think it's a gorgeous piece, and I am not kidding at all. I saw that you said you had a Day 8 problem at PCC (right before my computer went NUTS and opened up 500 Knighttwork blog windows, then crashed... sigh). Anyway - it's beautiful.