Friday, February 26, 2010

Polymer Clay Heart Pendant "Thing A Day" Day 26

I love this heart pendant!! I made it with treasures I selected from the Round Robin Trash to Treasure Swap Box. The beautiful marbled heart was made by Pam and the wonderful animal print beads were donated by Cat. I had hoped to have the necklace completed but I'm feeling a little yucky so will have to finish it later. I think I will make a triple strand of seed beads to hang it on.

Click on the photo for a closer look.
The Round Robin Trash to Treasure Swap is moving along at a pretty good clip now despite the daunting winter weather. It's fun to read the comments of the swappers and see the photos of what they kept and what they added. I hope others will show us photos of what they make with their selections.


  1. Neat! Gorgeous pendant. I'm the last person before Tonja...and I'm SOOOO impatient!


  2. You know I love hearts and it looks animal print-ish too which I also love!!! I like this!

  3. Thank you Melissa. Well if we have another swap we should reverse the order so your'll be first on the list next time.

    Yep Sarah, I thought this might be something you'd like.