Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Catch up Time for TAD Playing with Polymer Clay

Obviously I can't manage posting every day, I run out of steam when the sun goes down.... so here are my catch up photos for TAD

Day 13
Mixed Media Heart
I  added  Wire and Beads
Back with wire & beads

Day 14
Valentine Heart Beads

Small heart beads with birdhouses,
The beads are about the size of a dime.

Day 15
Scrap Beads & Mixed Media Pendant

Close up of Pendant

Day 16
Mixed Media Pendants using previously posted beads.

Now I am once again caught up.
Thanks for stopping by.  


  1. BJ, those pieces are great and the wire work is spectacular.

  2. Just discovered your blog. Your stories have put a smile on my face - thank you! You have a great feel for colour and colour combining - I'm so envious but enjoying revelling in your creations. All wonderful. Thank you x