Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 10 TAD Little House Beads

Did it again, forgot to do my TAD blog.  I started to do it and got distracted by my cats. They like to go outside but it has been cold the last few days and they don't like cold.  They either go out and then want  right back in or when I open the door they start to go out, feel the cold and  back up giving me dirty looks the whole time. I'm pretty sure Corny believes I am responsible for the weather, she really gives me a hard time when it snows. We have 7 doors to the outside, Corny wants to check every single one of them.... looking for the magical warm weather door.

So, I made a couple more little house beads for Day 10

These are a little bigger than the cottage beads.

The other side. I used a square cane cut in half
diagonally  plus one of my border canes for the roof

I may add a little bird bead and make earrings.

Be back later with Day 11 .... or maybe tomorrow, who knows?

Thanks for stopping by. 

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