Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 8 TAD Polymer Clay Cottage Beads

Oops I forgot to post Day 8. I am so easily distracted!!  I was all set to post on my blog. Got a text from my daughter, went upstairs to check on something, while up there decided I better make dinner and just never made it back down to the studio to do the blog thing. Sorry about that, I will do it now, don't tell on me..... I will post Day 9 later this afternoon.

Okay, yesterday I was looking though my canes and decided I would organize them by color, shape and size. I get this bee in my bonnet every so often, I have yet to finish the task.... and I didn't this time either. I spotted some triangle canes and though "ooo those would make cool roofs for cottage beads" and they did.  See...

Tinted with colored chalk.

The other side. I gave them a rustic look.

Looks pretty good with my tree!

Now I need to make more trees!

The start of a village, reminds me of Eureka Springs!

Now I need to work on my Day 9 entry. See you later.

Thanks for stopping by.

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