Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 4 Thing A Day Sorry, More Hearts

I made a couple more Heart Pendants for Day 4.  Both are a little weird so I decided to take a break from hearts..... tomorrow I will show you the little bird beads I'm working on.

I think I have the hang of down loading photos from my camera and then importing them to Flickr and my blog.....Don't hold your breath..... here goes....

Wow, so far so good, I did it, that was pretty cool!!

Close up of 1st heart. I didn't care for the yucky peachy background so I used PearlX powder to change the color and tinted the decoration thingy with chalk. It's still a little weird... but better.

This one is a little darker but I like it better than the first one.  I might outline the little decorative hearts with gold... can't decide. 

I also made some changes in this pendant from yesterday. I outlined the hearts, tinted the frames with chalk (which doesn't show up well in the photo) and changed the background to silver plus added a backing and bale. Now all I have to do is sand the edges and add a chain.

I know my photos are not the best,  I could edit better with my Mac, so far anyway, maybe I will get better with practice. I'll just keep plugging away!

Thanks for stopping by.

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