Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 9 TAD Church Beads

I am in desperate need of food but I am going to take care of this before I go upstairs.... we all know what happened last time!!   My stomach is growling so I better work fast!

Okay, I made a couple Church beads to go in my village plus an apartment building. I like the first one the best. I used a black permanent ink pen to outline the door on the 2nd one and now I don't like it. I will have to fix it with thin strips of black clay.  

I used PearlEx powder on the Churches and chalk on the apt.

Back of  the buildings

I've had the stained glass cane for several years, made from
Pardo Art Clay, its pretty hard. I had a heck of a time
making a hole for the head pin. I like to feed the pin
all the way though the bead so it won't pull out.

This roof was made from a Kato clay cane, much
easier to work with.

Now I can go eat! No wonder I'm hungry, it's supper time!
Time flies when you're having fun!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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