Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 5 Thing A Day Zentangle Heart

Every now and then I get carried away... this is a case of "Not knowing when to stop".

I used black clay to apply a Zentangle design on the chalk colored cut out heart I made yesterday.

Then I made a bail of glass beads, seed beads and wire.  So far so good. It looked okay.

I had  a couple pieces of heavy black chain laying on my work table so I thought "add a glass bead and attach them to the back of the bail".

Then for some reason I thought it would look cool on Sari Silk cord.

Talk about overkill.... I'm surprised I didn't cover it in whipped cream and add cherries.  Tooo much, way to much.

So I took off the chains and the Sari Cord...  Looks better but I'm still not happy with it. I may have over Zentangled or maybe I need to sit it aside for a while.

I like the back better than the front.  And I do like the bail. Any suggestions on what I should use to hang it?

Here is the chalk I've been using.  I apply it with a paint brush and smooth it with my fingers. I like the colors but ....

I would like more colors. My friend Jackie mention she uses eye shadow... ah ha! some where in my studio I have a set of eye shadow..... be right back....

and here it is.  I've had this for a couple years. Look at those yummy colors. Have you ever used eye shadow? I hope it works as well as chalk.

Tomorrow I am going to play with eye shadow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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