Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 2 Thing a Day Polymer Clay Heart Pendant

I had to pay bills today which took me away from claying but I did manage to made a Heart Pendant.

Getting the photo is another story. I don't have very good light in my studio and I left my photo tent thingy for my daughter to use. So I have to take photos outside and it was not only cold but windy,  I nearly froze my butt off..... wouldn't it be cool if you really could freeze your butt off? Even the cats stayed inside, they sat in the window giving me that "are you crazy" look.

I formed the heart from scrap clay and then covered it with Skinner blend canes. I textured along one side with my stylus and painted the texture with gold PearlEx.

Here's a photo with the canes I used:

and here is a closer look at just the heart.  For someone who doesn't care for pink I seem to be using it quite a bit lately.

Now I need to make some beads to go with the pendant.

Okat, that's it, thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.

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