Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Jewelry for Fall

I know, I got behind on my blogging again...time just gets away from me. I made more jewelry I want to show you.  There is enough here for two or most posts but my blogging track record hasn't been to good lately so I better just show you everything now....  so here goes.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I had a heart left over from the necklace I showed last time so I made this simple little pendant and strung it on a red ball chain.

I love these stamped metal beads, I combined them with polymer clay beads and made these two necklace.

and I made matching earrings.  I added cone shaped drops to this pair.....

and beads that match the necklace for this pair.

It took me 4 tries to make this necklace. At first I was using green wire and a lot more of the flower beads, I thought the green would be more suitable for fall but it didn't look right, ....  I was using more of the flower beads... way to busy.... I liked it much better when I cut back on the beads, switched to rose gold wire and the smaller glass pearl beads.

Here is a closer look at the beads. The pendant is hollow so it is light weight and is textured on the back.

I used lavender and burgundy wire to accent this Lantern Bead necklace and earrings.

Some time ago I made little heart beads with my  Valerie Cutters  I used them to make these mixed media pendants.

I made a necklace with the set of tube beads I posted last time.  I combined them with colored wire and complimentary glass beads.  I made a hook and eye clasp,

I've had these swirlie bead for a very long time.  I was digging through another box and found this ripple tile, then I spotted the round striped beads, they all looked good together so I added satin finished beads, silver spacer beads and the colored wire..... and this necklace is the end result.

The pendant needed something....  I drilled a couple hole and  added the drops, much better now don't you think?

This was an experiment.  The diamond shaped tiles are from  texture samples I made from mesh bags, I  joined them together by over lapping the points and securing them with headpins. I used beads on the front for a more pleasing look and to keep the head pins from slipping through the holes.

here is a closer look.

On the back I made loops and folded them over.  Works fairly well although I would like for the loops to be more flush.  Any suggestions?  I may try covering them with clay and see how that works.

On this pendant I  made the wire and bead doodad first and then went looking for a tile to mount it on.  This one with a tropical leafy design seemed to work.   I attached the wire piece to the tile with 28 gauge wire.

The wire was exposed on the back so I made a textured sheet, cut a piece to cover the wire and rolled the top down to make a bail.

I strung it on a matching ball chain.... not crazy about how it looks on the chain,  I may change it to a satin or cotton cord.

This was another experiment. I have lots of short pieces of ball chain. I wanted to see if I could embed them in clay.  So far so good.  I think I embedded it deep enough that it won't come loose.

I added a Swarovski rhinestone in the center for a little bling.  I made two holes through the bead and enclosed the ball chain in place by pressing down on the bead... plus I  drizzled a little liquid clay around the chain to keep it in place.

I have a few more pieces to show you but I'm getting a crick in my neck so they will have to wait.... hopefully tomorrow.... or maybe after I take a nap.

Thats it for  today.

Thanks for stopping


  1. as ever, your pieces are lovely.

    did you know you can schedule posts? You could write 3 or 4 at one time and schedule them to go out on different days to save having an ultra-long post. If you want any help with it, feel free to emails me (but not reply in the comments as I don't go back to comments I've left).

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