Sunday, September 15, 2013

Polymer Clay Beads

This week I made bead sets and a couple pendants.  First I want to show you how I finished the backs of the Bib necklaces.  I took Monique's advise, cover the exposed brads with little clay hearts and popped it back in the oven....

Please note,  the heat will fuse the tiles together..... it didn't matter on this necklace...

.....but it would on this one so I place strips of parchment paper between the tiles and immediately upon removal from the oven I moved the tiles around making sure they did not stick together .

Here is how the back looks.  When the necklace cooled I tested the stability of the little circles covering the wire, they came off  with very little effort so  I popped them off with my fingernail and reattached them with glue.  The brads on the first one were more flush to the tiles so the little hearts didn't need to be glued.

Now... on to the beads I made.

I used a flower cane end to make round and capsule beads.

Close up of the capsule beads. I really like these, they are dainty little beads.

I made small round and oval beads to go with small shimmery tiles.  The little oval beads are layered with pearly green in the center and silvery shimmers on each side.   Once I sand the sides of the tiles  I will put together a necklace.

Patchwork Beads made from a cane I created by combing several other canes. It reminds me of a patchwork quilt..... hence the name.

Closer look at the beads.

Layered Heart Pendant.

I did complete one necklace.  Heather took the photos when she listed it on Etsy.  She has a light box set up downstairs where she takes the photos for our Etsy shops.  My photos are not as good.... I take them in my studio.  I could go downstairs but I it's way to much work.... and going downstairs with my hands full is hazardous to my health.  

The pendant is in shades of teal.  I used silver rubber cord to string it on.

Both sides are decorated with textured hearts and circles.

That's it for now.   Next time I will show you the Inchie tiles I sent and received for the Swap, they are pretty cool!!

Thanks for stopping by and a "Big Thank You" to Monique for helping with my Bib necklaces.  The good folks in the Polymer Clay community are the best, always willing to help and share their knowledge.


  1. Yes, I agree, the PC community is the BEST! I have been unwell and gave myself permission to visit blogs without commenting this weekend... but I just can't leave without letting you know I was so pleased to see how well this worked out, BJ. I always love seeing your designs, they are so original and you are a generous soul sharing your methods :) I'm just glad you took my little comment and ran with it!

    1. Always good to hear from you Monique. I am sorry you have been unwell..... hope you are better now. Yip, it was a perfect solution to my dilemma, thank you so much. BJ