Sunday, June 6, 2010

Polymer Clay Canes for YaYa

Daughter, Heather, is leaving today for her annual YaYa Sisterhood Retreat. The Yaya's are a group of 8 friends that get together for a week each year to have fun and do artistic projects.... this year they are going to give polymer clay a try.

Heather came over friday afternoon to gather supplies and have me show her some basic projects they can try. We thought making a kali cane would be fun so we put together some simple canes that she can combine to make the kali cane.

The flowers are from my garden... turned out to be the colors Heather chose for her canes.

I love the colors of these snapdragons.And here are the canes I showed her how to make.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

These are a couple sheets we made to use with the canes.
This was made with layered magenta and ecru clay using the same technique as mica shift. Heather will take photos so we will get to see what they make. I can hardly wait!! Have fun YaYa's!!


  1. lucky daughter that sounds like a great thing to do. I am going to suggest it to some of my crafty friends.

    I am sure they will have fun with polymer clay! Amazing how simple things can look so effective. I hope you can share some of the things they make

  2. Great canes and great colors, BJ! Sorry I haven't been around - I'm catching up now.