Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colorful Polymer Clay Canes

Grouping of canes I made to use in kaleidoscope canes. I achieved these pretty colors by mixing Premo colors with Kato Pearl. I always make at least one "what was I thinking" cane, in this case the triangle with the blue blob.

Click on the photos for a closer look.
The assembled cane before reduction.
And here are canes I made from it. They don't look like much here but the tiles I made are pretty cool. I will get them sanded tonight and show them to you tomorrow.

The little clown is an egg cup, he wanted his picture taken and he looks good with the canes. I plan to use him as a model for my next cane.
I like gardening in pots, they are easier to weed. I don't know how the weeds get in the pots, but they do. Don't you love the little white ballon flowers, the buds are so cool. I got some in other colors too.... purple, yellow and orange... so sweet!
The trumpet vines on the gazebo are in full bloom.... time for the hummingbirds to arrive, they love the trumpet flowers.