Thursday, June 10, 2010

Polymer Clay Canes from Premo

Yesterday I was rearranging my clay drawers and I discovered several packages of Premo that I forgot I had. I wanted to see if I could use the clay for canes.... it's pretty soft.. I used partial packs of Pearl, Red Pearl and Blue Pearl. I let them rest over night, I'll try slicing them later today.

Click on the photos for a closer look

I also made a Seafoam Green Wire Pendant adorned with glass Cathedral beads then added it to a necklace made of green glass pearl beads on wire links. I had planned to back the pendant with clay but decided I like it like this. I am happy to report that yesterday I looked out the studio window and spotted the little bunny. That was the first time I've seen him since "the incident". He looked great, grown quite a bit, just hopping around nibbling on grass. Fortunately Corny was in the house napping. I took a photo but it didn't turn out well, what with my dying camera... and my dirty window.. he looks like a blob instead of a bunny.

This is a photo of the flower bed under my back windows. The lilies are gorgeous this year, I wish they lasted longer but enjoy them immensely while they are in bloom. The clematis is getting top heavy but I'm not sure how to prune the vines so I just let them do there thing. This is the first year for the foxgloves, they are so regal looking, I hope they come up again next year.

Close up of Clematis Close up of Foxglove


  1. You can prune the clematis back in the early spring. The one I have I just let it go, it has new growth coming off the old every year. This year was the first time I cut it back to almost the ground level and it's been fine. Just not as full this year.

    Your's is beautiful!

  2. Fun photos - all of them. I love your wirework! It is awesome. And the canes - what a cute pattern. Bet I can't do it... sigh.

  3. Thanks for the pruning tip Gayle, I will try it next year. The vines are getting to heavy for the trellis.. I'm afraid it will fall over.

  4. Thanks Jacks. Sure you can do it, after all the awesome complicated canes you make this one would be a breeze.