Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Canes & Heather's YaYa Creations

Summer has arrived bringing high heat, high humidity and summer storms. I've had to adjust my schedule. I get up early so I can do yard work before it gets to hot. I do a little weed pulling and water when necessary, Mother Nature has been doing a pretty good job with the watering. I then have an early lunch and take a mid day nap. Afternoons and evening are free to clay and do a little cooking. I try to plan meals that won't heat up the kitchen. Yesterday I cooked up a pot of Green beans and ham with potatoes and baked a big old pan of macaroni & cheese. I put ham in my mac and cheese, it's Brandon's favorite food. I was hoping it would last for a couple days but it's almost gone. Amazing how much teenage boys can eat.

I made a couple canes from scraps and I used my extruder to make the black and white cane. The black and white clay was really soft so I anticipate problems when I try to slice that one, maybe if I let it rest... and hopefully firm up... for a few days.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

And here are the things that Heather made at the YaYa retreat. She had a good time teaching and learning, she has little experience with clay but I think she's hooked now.

She sculpted the raven and then made a mold which she used for the raven on this piece. She is very good at sculpting little critters, she made several to use with her silver clay pieces.

These are made from the sheets she took with her. She made the retro cane in matching colors. As you can see she likes freshwater pearls and wire too.She took a couple books with her, one by Donna Kato and one by Carol Blackburn... the squiggle is from the Kato book.
She took the face molds with her. She got the aluminum wire at Hobby Lobby, it's a softer wire than the copper wire I use. The piece on the right is from the Kato book.

I love these colors together. Heather likes scraps too, I like what she did with the cane end pieces.
Some MG tiles, a couple swirlies and some stacker beads. The pieces have been sanded but not buffed... she forgot to take her Dremel. One of the other YaYa's showed them how to make pendants from old domino tiles. They drew on them with colored pencils and decorated with beads and wire.
And they always make dichroic glass pieces. Do you see the ravens in the green ones? Heather love's ravens.
The polymer clay was a big hit with the YaYa's, I think we have several converts. Heather took photos of what the other ladies made, now all we have to do is figure out how to upload them onto my computer... so stay tuned... more goodies to come.

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