Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rainbow Skinner Blend Beads and Cane

It was to hot to go outside today so I concentrated on clay. I think the heat is frying my brain.

My pasta machine motor hasn't arrived, I know it's on the way so hopefully it will be here soon.  I made do by feeding the clay in with my left hand and cranking with my right. I'm left handed so I normally crank with my left, it was a little awkward but I got the job done and didn't mush a single finger.... came close a time or two. It felt like that coordination test where you pat your head with one hand and rub your tummy with the other. (Not as easy as it sounds.... go ahead, give it a try.  See, I told ya.)

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I made a Rainbow Skinner blend using Kato Pearl that I tinted with Premo and Fimo Classic. I used the black button as a mold and made these two round tiles.

I accordion folded the skinner blend strip then use the pieces that I trimmed off the sides to make the tube beads and the flat tile.  The round tiles are reversible, this is one side....  I was going to show you the other side but I somehow deleted the other photo and can't figure out how to put it back in the proper order.... you'll just have to take my word... the other side is pretty too.   Lordy I hate being so computer illiterate! Just when I think I have things figured out they  "new and improve" and I'm in the dark again.

Here are the canes I made.

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  1. Everything is so wonderful! The round tiles are cute and I love skinner blends. The shimmery rainbow canes look terrific!