Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Roses & A "Floating in Wire" Polymer Clay Pendant

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a wonderful day with good food, lovely gifts and best wishes from my online friends.

My teenage grandson got up 6 Am early, went to my favorite bakery in a neighboring town and brought me mini pies and an assortment of danish to go with my morning coffee. 

Later in the day my daughter, Heather, brought me two new outfits and a birthday cake. Hubby helped me order a new camera (I'm using grandson Brandon's right now, my old one died) and a Dremel Stylus, both are due to arrive on the 29th. 

My sweet son sent me roses. Good thing I don't make my living arranging flowers. Fortunately roses are beautiful no matter how they are arranged.

And there is more to come, daughter Pathena (Moe calls her my "not Heather" daughter), my granddaughters and great granddaughter are coming over this weekend with more gifts. 

And my new Monafied pasta machine with motor arrived today.... how cool is that? I condition a couple batches of clay... it's a little scary, has anyone ever flattened a finger (or a cat), I'll probably be the first.... and I was surprised that it's so noisy. Is it suppose to sound like a table saw? Having said that I really like it. Conditioning goes much faster and is easier on my arm and wrist. I hope to get a cane or two made over the weekend.

I made another wire and bead pendant and "floated" a MG polymer clay chard in the center.  I'm experimenting with photo backgrounds.  Son Brad sent his dad a gift assortment of cheeses from IGourmet for Father's Day. It was packaged in a wooden box lined in straw...which I immediately glommed on to.  I thought it would make a cool background for photos.  The pendant gets a little lost in this photo

In this one I added a vintage light blue nylon hanky over the straw. I like the results, the pendant shows up really well.  I have more ideas on how to use the straw filled box so I'm sure you will be seeing it again. 

Click on the photos for a closer look.


  1. Nice pendant -- and Happy Birthday!

  2. Beej, your goodies sound perfect and I'm so happy that notHeather showed up, too! :) It must have been a perfect day for you and I'm glad! You certainly deserve it. xoxoxoxoxo