Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Fun with Canes

I am still combining old canes to make new canes. I forgot to take photos of the old canes before I put them together... this is the "after" results.

Click on the photos for a closer look.
This a a couple tiles I made from the above canes. I'm getting better about slicing and then joining the slices. They lined up pretty well. I added a Swarovski pastel aurora borealis rhinestone in the center of each to give them a little sparkle....( and to cover the hole where the corners didn't meet).
Two more combined cane... they don't look like much here but I was pleased with the things I made with them.
I don't make many flowers but I kinda like these. I may add some wire embellishments.
These are colors I like, I'm pleased with the way they turned out, especially the moth. I used scraps and a texture sheet to make the diamond shaped tiles, then highlight the raised areas with silver PearlEx.


  1. These are all so great...I especially love the blue tiles!! The moth is wonderful! :)

  2. Great stuff! I wish the moths that fly around here all summer looked half as good as yours.... lol. I grabbed the pix for next week.

  3. You have your Grandmothers taste in jewelry Sarah. I like the moth too.

    Thank you Jackie. The moth that fly around here in the summer are boring gray..when I was a kid we called them millers. Nasty little buggers.

  4. These are great. Looks like you are having a great time with your old canes