Friday, March 19, 2010

She likes it!!

Did you ever get one of those emails from a customer that starts out

"I bought this from you awhile ago..." and then there is a link to the item she bought...

Now first of all this has not been a good day. Jeff the contractor/neighbor stopped by last evening to tell us that the roofers would arrive "early in the morning and by the end of the day the roof will be done."

Now I am not an early morning person, in fact I am not any kind of a morning person, but I rose at the crack of dawn so I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed when the roofers arrive. By 10:00 I was no longer bright eyed or bushy tailed and there were no roofers in sight. By noon I was worn to a frazzle and not happy... no roofers.... so I ate a banana and potato chips and took a nap on the futon.

Heather and Brandon stopped by around 3:30 and woke me up.
Heather packed up some buttons we sold on Etsy and took them to the post office. When she returned we went to the clay room, I wanted to show her some canes I was making from old canes. She decided to stay awhile and make one too. We were working away having a good time.... I'll show you the canes later.... when the florescent ceiling light died. It's been threatening to die for a long time, only half working most of the time. It's an old fixture and I knew the ballast's were bad but I always put off things... and now I have no light in my clay room. This is not good.

Not to worry,I had a plan. Later in the evening my new best friend Jeff stopped by to explain why the roofers didn't show. I knew he would. Turns out they had difficulties at the job before ours and have to complete that roof before they can start ours......

To hell with the roof I have more pressing problems .... I need my craft light fixed. I innocently say to Jeff "Do you know anyone who does electric work?" and he says "I do"...... so I say " oh you do know someone?" and he says "No, I meant I do electric work, I just rewired my whole house," He lives in an antique house too. Warm tingles run down my spine and I say "follow me". I then lead him down to the clay room where he says "Sure I can fix that".... big sigh of relief... can you imagine not having a light in your clay room? I'd rigged up a table lamp but that wasn't worth a toot.

So bright and early tomorrow morning (I've about had it with this bright and early crap!) hubby and I will head over to the hardware store and buy a couple new florescent fixtures. I'm going to have Jeff replace the one in my office too. With a little luck sometime tomorrow I will be basking in new florescent light.

But I digress, back to the customer letter. I was sure she was going to tell me it fell apart, it turned her neck green, the clasp snagged her favorite sweater...

but it was a very nice email that says " just wanted to tell you, I wore it at a bead show recently and it was very much admired & ooh'd and ah'd over"

How nice is that? This very nice person brightened my day considerably. Amazing what a few kind words can do.

This is the necklace she was talking about. My blue flying snake necklace.

The roofers will be here bright and early monday.


  1. sorry to hear about your frustrations with the roofers. Hope you get it sorted on Monday and that's the last of your bright and earlies for a while (I am with you on that one but I have 2 small children so see rather too many earlies these days).

    What a nice customer to take the time to let you know, I can see why it was admired.

  2. Thank you Cara. Third time's a charm... right? BJ

  3. what a wonderful way to end a frustrating day. and you are right...earlies suck the big one. hugs