Monday, March 29, 2010

Polymer Clay Mirror Images Moth King

I get the biggest kick out of gathering up the scraps on my clay table, rolling them into a log, twisting and rolling, flattening then standing on end and slicing in half to reveal the mirror image inside.

When I cut this one open I wasn't sure what I saw... a butterfly, a moth, maybe an angel... then I cut it into the shape I wanted and I saw a Moth King. I think he looks pretty regal don't you? I also made some bicone flower beads with leftover scraps.

Click on the photo for a closer look.

I added the face and embellishments after the tile was baked and sanded and then baked again. I will add him to my collection of spirit dolls.
Roof Update..... there is a whole bunch of pounding going on....I may have a new roof in a couple days. My cats are looking for places to hide and so am I!! They are above my head right now so I'm heading back to the kitchen.


  1. Images aren't there at the moment. I can't get images loaded in my blog either so guess there is a blogger issue somewhere.

  2. Cool a moth king! Reminds me of the moth-man.

  3. Hi Cara, I was having blog trouble yesterday too... hopefully they are fixed today.

    Hi Sarah, are you ready for Easter?

    Thanks Melanie