Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Canes From Old Canes

I am down sizing canes.... again. This time by making new canes from combining groups of old canes. This is the first group, mostly purple.

Click on the photos for a closer look.
I reduced them all to about the same size and cut them into 1 1/2" logs.
And assembled them into new canes.

I used the canes to make tiles and a large tube bead to use on a scarf. And I always end up with at least one mirror image tile. These haven't been sanded yet. I do most of my sanding in the evenings while I watch television. I didn't care much for the pink and blue cane that I included in this group so I cut it off the corners of the first one and out of the center of the 2nd one. Heather made this set of recycled canes when she was here last friday. They should make pretty beads and tiles.

House Update for anyone who is interested. It rained monday morning so still no roof. But I DO have new florescent lights in my office and craft room. Jeff stopped by with roof news last evening and installed the lights for me. It is so wonderful to have lights that work!! The old fixture in my craft room was burned out on one side and the other side flickered a lot.... then it died. Now I have light, lot and lots of light. It makes me very happy.

New roof date... Friday or Saturday.


  1. You'll have to teach me how to do these!

  2. WOW, such amazing treasures come out of the combos. Just lovely, you have a great eye! Glad you have new lights.....may the roof come soon.

  3. awesome.....I love how that tube bead looks.

  4. Come on over Sarah and we will play with clay.

    Thank you Anita. Keeping my fingers crossed the roof will happen soon.

    Thanks Ginger, I want to crochet a slender scarf to go with that tubed bead.