Friday, March 26, 2010

Assorted Canes in Red & Black

I thought this group of mostly red, black and gray canes would make an interesting combination.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

These don't look like much but....
I think they made attractive tiles. I especially like the lacy look created by the black and white cane. Two of tiles have red Swarovski rhinestones in the center, I didn't need them in the rest. I'm getting better at lining up the slices so they don't leave the dreaded hole in the center.
Wow!! They look really pretty with my new blog colors.


  1. You have really inspired me to get my canes out again. These are beautiful! And, yes, your new blog decor is stunning! - Marlene

  2. Those are crazy detailed!! I love the spiral one and the flower!

  3. I love these colors - in your canes and on your blog, both!

  4. BJ, your combos just seem to get better and better! Lovely work!

  5. Thank you Marlene. I added your blog to my blog list. Love your teapots!

    Thank you Sarah.

    Thank you Debbie and Jackie and Jodie. I appreciate the kind words.

  6. they look lovely and so does the new blog decor.

  7. These are great BJ!! I really love your tiles... I wonder if you could sell them in your shop pre-baked, sanded and buffed for collecting (maybe put them on cards ??)... I think they would be wonderful collector items. :) just a thought :)