Friday, May 21, 2010

Trash to Treasure Swap Final Destination

Wow what a journey this has been!! The Round Robin Trash to Treasure Swap was the brain child of hostess Tonja Lenderman. It began mid August 2009 when Tonja put together a box of "partially finished pendants, left over beads, odd and ends, bits and bobs" that she couldn't bring herself to throw away but didn't have a use for. She suggested it would be fun to send it to a polyclay friend who could remove what they wanted, add an equal number of items and send it on to the next person on the list. She was hoping at least 15 folks would join in the fun, everyone was thrilled and 27 of us signed up.

First the box traveled across the pond where it made it way to the homes of several international clayers, they added wonderful items that was greatly anticipated by all us Yanks. Our international friends were very generous and the goodies soon out grew the original box. The box(es) made it back to the USA and were rerouted to Tonja for downsizing. She sent a more manageable box on it's way and with the left overs made up a "Mystery Box" for s special drawing. To make a long story short... I won!!... the Mystery Box.

The swap box was moving right along.... or so we thought... when it disappeared into a black hole never to be seen again. (If you don't know the story go back and read my blog Jan 16th & 25th.. or Tonja's blog... for the details)

To make another long story short... we used the Mystery Box plus donations from very generous friends to keep the swap going. It was great fun to watch the box travel across the country. Most folks shared photos of what they took out and what they put in, while the rest of us drooled and turned green with envy. I am pleased to report all the cool donated items that were in the box I sent out have found new homes.

All in all I would say this was a fun swap....... here are the final photos.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I emptied the box into my light box so I could take a photo... wanted you to see the box was still "full to the brim"
I didn't take photos of everything, but here are some highlights. Mostly hearts... and some fun charms
A sample of the many canes. I was hoping I'd get a piece of the Mola parrot from Melissa and I did. , The lovely flowers & fun figures are from Sue, a cool cat from Claudia and Raggedy Andy from Alice. I'm not sure who made the butterflies.

I don't know who made the halloween box... fess up someone.... the rest of the cool loot in this photo is from Tonja. Thank you so much Tonja!!
And here is lots of neat stuff from other friends. Lots of wire and goodies from Moe, a mold from MaryKay, buttons from Tonja, Rasta Man Cocoon baby (how cool is that!!) from Kathi, molds from Gloria, pendants from Jeanann, and cool findings from Jessica. Another Trash to Treasure Swap is in the works. Connie has volunteered to be the hostess.. she is making a list and checking it twice... so mosey on over to Polymer Clay Center Message Board and sign up. See ya!!


  1. The silly Halloween Box glows in the dark, by the way, LOL. Have fun. Smiles

  2. That was the best swap ever. I had a ball looking thru it all, so much so that I had to look several times, it took some ingenious packing too! Jeanann

  3. I wanted to mention that the beautiful Santa and the Rose charm next to it were made by Jeanann - aka "Ankie" at PCC. She does wonderful work!! I love her stuff. ~Jackie

  4. Wasn't that the most fun? I can't wait to do it agian! MaryKay Ozarks

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all.... guess that's why we are doing it again!!

  6. Thanks-- this was a great idea! There was such a variety of items, it was difficult to choose which ones to take. I enjoyed seeing the work of others in person.