Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?

I tell ya I couldn't do anything right yesterday. The day started out pretty good. I had breakfast, got dressed... put on one of my spiffy new tops that I got for Mother's Day, the pretty sunhine yellow one from Heather. I even put on make-up so I could go to the store later in the day. I went in the kitchen to do the breakfast dishes, I'd had bacon and eggs and the bacon grease had congealed in the pan so I turned on the burner to melt it. (I save the bacon grease, I like it for frying eggs). At this point I looked down and saw brown spots all over my pretty new top. damn! I'd somehow splattered liquid make-up all over my front. I whipped off the top, scurried to the laundry room (just off the kitchen) doused it with laundry soap and started scrubbing.... then I smelled something burning.... yikes!!.... the bacon grease. The kitchen was filling up with smoke. I flung open the backdoor, punched the fan button on the stove, grabbed the pan and headed out the back door when I realized I wasn't wearing a top. I dropped the pan back on the stove, slung on a sweatshirt, grabbed the pan again and tried to make it out side before the smoke alarm went off. Too late.... the high pitch screech was piercing my eardrums. You know how it kinda vibrates though your body making you want to screech along with it? Gives me chills!!

The alarm on the first floor is above the hall door, to high to reach without the ladder which is in the I grab my Grabber from the pantry an attempt to "grab" the smoke alarm. I get it off the nail but when I try lowering it, it falls from the Grabber, hits the floor and parts fly in all directions but it's still screeching like a banshee. Finally I shut it off ... relief at last!! I could use some of Moe's wine.

In the mean time my cats are sitting on the table watching my every move with great interest. Apparently they think I am doing a one woman show for their amusement. I'm tempted to give them each a good smack... but I didn't, so do not report me to the humane society. I loves my cats.

Now keep in mind my hubby worked the night before and is upstairs sleeping. I was trying to not wake him and it worked cause when I told him about it lately he said he didn't hear a thing. He did not smell the burning bacon grease or hear the smoke alarm or hear all the crashing around.... if I ever tumble down the stairs and break my neck or am bludgeoned to death by a crazed intruder .... you think the police will believe his story that he didn't hear a thing? I watch those true life crime stories on tv... he'll spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Serves him right!!

So after the exciting morning I went outside and pulled weeds for several hours. That calmed me down and my ears stopped ringing. Then I came in to play with clay.

and my ill fated day continued.

I was playing with some layered clay when I thought it would be interesting to carve through the layers. I couldn't find my carving tools.... they are hiding with my knitting I used my blade to slice designs in the clay. I was really pleased with the results when I saw a post on PCC .... about Jana's classes on her Laser Cut technique. Yip, I stumbled on her technique. Of course my rendition isn't anywhere near as wonderful as her beautiful pieces but it is similar.

Here's the layered piece I started with.
The one on the left is like Jana's technique. The one on the right was made by slicing a log lengthwise and arranging the pieces to make a stylized tulip.

After sanding I will add some beads and wire and put them together like this.
Now what do I do? Is it okay to make more pieces using this technique? What would you do?

P.S. That strange little box is back on my blog pages... it comes and goes... I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it. Any suggestions?


  1. Beeej, you have been hanging around me too long. I needed some wine just thinking about that! OIKS!

    Ok, what little black box? I don't see a little black box. I think you are hallucinating! :D

  2. I probably am hallucinating... I told ya it comes and goes!!

  3. Great job with the new technique, I've been wanting to get around to trying it.

    The little box must be a ghost, lol. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.

  4. Oh Grandma you are so funny and a really good writer. You should write an auto-biography. I would totally read it.

  5. There is a box here that isn't black but has some strange Chinese writing in it. It's sitting on top of the line with your "tags" in it. Very strange.

    You can use ZOUT on your yellow shirt, it works wonders! Hope you can find it and give it a try.

  6. Hi Betty- Kath asked me to stop by and take a peek at your blog...looks like you've been having fun! Have fun exploring this new discovery! I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing where it goes, just as I have with my Laser the colors you've chosen! best, jana

  7. Little black box is back--says FORBIDDEN you don't have permission to access this server.

    I can still see your work -- love the tulip part.