Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mixed Media Polymer Clay Pin & Pendant

First of all I want to report the painters are finished and the house looks mighty good. My feline friends and I are very happy. I can freely stroll around the house in my ratty pj's without someone peeping in the windows. Fritz can relax and snooze on the back of the couch and Corny no longer follows me around the house complaining in that high pitched whine .... peace has returned at last.

Since the house looks so good I spent the last few days sprucing up the yard.... well the back yard anyway, that's where my flower gardens are. I pulled weeds and pulled weeds and pulled weeds.... and pruned trees. There are still lots of weeds to pull but I needed a break so thursday hubby and I went to the nursery to buy plants.

Oooooo there was so many pretty plants, I love plants and I wanted them all. Hubby said get what you want so I grabbed one of those wagon carts and started loading it up. I finally stopped when it wouldn't hold anymore and we hauled it inside. Most folks there were buying one or two plants, the ladies that own the nursery were checking them out and when they saw us coming I heard the one say to the other "Oh this is going to be fun!". I think I made their day, which was fun for me too. I spend the afternoon planting and it looks pretty good. It always amazes me how much smaller the plants look once they are in the ground. I'm going to need more.

Friday we ran out to Wal-Mart to get one of those roller-up things for the garden hose and I needed zinnia, marigold and hollyhock seeds. I told hubby I would just take a quick stroll through their plant department.... I usually don't buy plants from Wal-Mart, they don't take care of them and the poor things are droopy and scraggly. A new order had just arrived, they were putting out some pretty nifty plants..... so I bought a cart full. I then hurried back home to plant before it rained. Darkness drove me inside although I still had several plants to set out.

I got up Saturday morning to rain. It let up around noon but it was to wet to plant so I went back to pulling weeds. It kinda misty rained all day and I got damp and muddy. My cats sat at the back door meowing for me to come in. My husband and grandson were busy watching tv.... every now and then one of them would call from the back door "You should take it easy... or... don't overdo it" The men in our family melt if they get rained on.

It was raining again this morning... I'm hoping it dries up a bit so I can get back to planting.

In the mean time I made some wire doodads to put on these polymer clay pieces.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

This one will be a pin, I haven't put the pinback on yet. When turned on it's side it kinda looks like a bird head.

This is a pendant. I added a wire charm and made the chain with matching blue wire. The beads are pink glass squares. The sun is out so I'm heading back outside. See ya later.


  1. Lovely combo of colours and wirework. Very visually appealling.

  2. Nice! I like both of these a lot, and laughed at the idea of your menfolk melting in the rain. Your background made me turn green, as well, so you're doing great with all aspects of your art! ha ha ha. Hugs!

  3. Thanks Jackie. I like that background too.