Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lily at Michael's

Well I didn't get a new camera for Christmas, apparently Santa thought I was a bad girl. Actually my computer died so I got a new Mac instead. I'll have to buy my own camera. In the mean time grandson Brandon is letting me use his camera.

The gift wrapping was a big success this year. So many really cool packages, wait til you see the winner it was amazing!! Heather took lots of photos with her fancy smancy camera which I will share with you once Heather and Brad download them to my new computer. Right now I am trying to adjust to the small cordless keyboard and the "magic" mouse. I'm not good with change so it is going to take me awhile to get use to this new fangled gizmo.

In the mean time here are photos of Great Granddaughter Lily shopping at Michael's.

Oh Grandma look at the pretty beads... I like the pink ones!!

I'm not sure what you do with these but it looks like fun.... lets get a couple.
Look at all the pretty flowers!! I like the lilies best, don't you?


  1. Sweet blog, Grandma! What a good looking kid, too!

  2. :-) You always have such beautiful stuff on your blog, Beej!

  3. You are right Sarah she is a good looking kid!

    Thank you Jackie and Thank you Melissa. Glad you stopped by. BJ