Friday, December 4, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Drum Roll Please!!!

Once again Roger took home the trophy!! He had Eric's name. Eric has been collecting PEZ for a very long time and has a huge collection so Roger made this fabulous large PEZ of Eric. The PEZ "candies" inside contained his actual gifts but believe me Eric was more pleased with the wrapping

The PEZ is made of paper mache and stands almost 4 feet tall. His resemblance to Eric, including his crooked smile, is amazing.... as you can see in the last photo.
This is how it looks open with the gift boxes inside.
And here PEZ Eric is with the real Eric.
We are all looking forward to this years gifts exchange. What has surprised me the most is how the guys took to the challenge, they are all off and running, determined to get that trophy from Roger. Who knew, apparently all you have to do to get guys to participate is make it a competition. The only grumbling has come from a couple of the females in the family.... who, by the way are very artistic, just claim they are not, but I think they are getting into the spirit of things too.

The best gift we all received last year was our first great granddaughter Lily, born on Dec 23rd. to our granddaughter Sarah and her sailor husband Brandon. So this year Santa will have the beginning of a new generation to visit. All in all I would say we are a very blessed family.


  1. The Pez is great, your whole family is very artistic as we see here in these posts. Wonderful stuff, and congrats on your baby great-granddaughter. Love her name Lilly.

  2. Thank you Jackie. It is going to be fun to watch Lilly at her first Christmas.