Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Well it's official... December 1st... tis the Season to be jolly. Time to do some serious Christmas shopping. Fortunately I only have to buy three gifts.

Up until a couple years ago our gift giving was getting way out of hand, the cost and the stress of trying to buy for everyone was taking all the fun out of Christmas. We had resisted drawing names but decided to give it a try and to add a little spice to the process we had a gift wrapping contest with a traveling trophy for the best wrapped gift.

The first two years only the adults drew names, one adult's name and one child's name. Those classified as children were anyone still in school or college. The first year was a trial run and we did a pretty good job. Heather wrapped a gift in children's underwear and another in a Christmas print table cloth. I used coffee filters cut into snowflakes on the coffee maker I gave Patty and cartoons from old Playboys for the gift I gave Roger. Eric decorated one of his with playing cards and another with spices.

And then there was Roger..... here's a photo of his Santa and reindeer.
Needless to say Roger won the Best Wrapped Trophy that year. Wow, just blew us away... we'd had some grumbling about the gift wrap challenge but the following year almost everyone jumped in with both feet.... they all wanted to take that trophy away from Roger.

Here's some of the gifts from 2008

Patty's "electric guitar" gift for Roger. I can't remember what she gave him but the wrapping was a hit.

I had to wrap both mine and hubby's so I created a snowperson family... the gifts are in the bodies and they are sporting the scarves I knitted.
Heather had her Dad's name, he likes Sci-Fi and space so she made a rocket ship. She rolled up the winter jacket she got him and put it inside. The blast off flames are made of colored tissue paper.
Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll show you more of the 2008 entries and the grand prize winner.


  1. what a great tradition! What a good idea to cut down on stress and expenses. If I celebrated Christmas I would take this idea and run!

  2. Thanks Kathi, the whole family is looking forward to this years contest... should be the best ever.