Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Journal for Jackie and my big News

Wow, it's been almost a month since I blogged last..... sorry, I've had a lot on my mind.  I've been claying quite a bit ....just not stuff I can put on my blog, at least not just yet.  I finished my inchies, all 4 sets,  have to sign them, do a little sanding and get them mailed.   I have also been working on hearts for Kim's heart swap.... 5 sets, 10 in each set.... what was I  thinking?  My problem is I really like some of the hearts and will have a hard time giving them away.  I may have to make more than 5 sets  just so I can keep some.

Then I made a Journal for Jackie... a gift for her birthday but I couldn't show you that until she got the package and opened it.  She has a PO Box and doesn't go to the post office everyday.... left me twiddling my thumbs for a couple days.... then she got it, opened it and liked it....I can show it to you now.

As you can see I was kinda caught up with a "heart" theme,  Plus I love Jackie so hearts seemed appropriate.

I used Pardo Art Clay.  I wanted a thin sheet for the base and Pardo works best for that, it is sturdy and remains flat.  I cured the base first and then added the decorative elements.  I embellished with PearlEx metallic powders to give it a little glitz.  You can see how thin the base is in this photo.

Now I want to show you this fantastic Halloween figure Heather made.  I wanted it so bad but she made it for a swap..... can you believe that?  I collect Halloween and I thought for sure she made this for me but nooooo..... she gave it away to a stranger.  She promised to make me one.

I just LOVE everything about her... look at that face.

If she doesn't make for me there is going to be hell to pay...... and I'm not kidding!! Well maybe I'm kidding a little bit..... but I do want one.....

Okay, now do you want to hear my big news?

My hubby is going to retire soon and we have decided to move to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Have any of you ever been to Eureka Springs?  What a great place! It's a small town filled with gorgeous Victorian homes, quaint little shops and over 100 restaurants.  Not to mention it's right next to Beaver Lake.  It has everything we want. A lake for Lynn and shops for me.... perfect..... plus an added bonus I  have relatives down there, folks that I absolutely adore.

I borrowed these photos from the Eureka Springs website..... hope they don't mind.

This is a birds eye view of the historic district..... you can spend days walking around to all the shops and galleries and good eats.....

This is what you first see when you enter the historic district..... winding streets that go up and down and all around.  I want to live downtown within walking distance of the shops.  Fortunately there are several properties for sale....

I love that wedge shaped building.

My cousins, Neal and Carol, own the Beaver Lake Cottages that is where we stayed on our last visit.  The views are amazing, the cabins are fantastic and the service is outstanding.  You will not meet nicer folks than Neal and Carol.

This is the 2 bedroom cabin we stayed in  

and this was the view from our deck..... the trees had just started to change.

Neal sent me this photo a couple days ago.... taken from his deck overlooking Beaver Lake

I still have hearts to make and I've been working on a couple canes so I better get back to claying. 

I know I have said it before.... but... I will try to do better.  Please don't abandon me, I would miss you. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I think I want to move to Arkansas, too, BJ... what a spot! Seriously, you should keep that gem under your hat so as not to drive up the real estate LOL.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh you should...., we could clay our little hearts out, that would be so much fun. It really is a neat place, lots of arts and crafts things going on. I didn't see a lot of polymer clay, some but not a lot..... but we could take care of that. (oops, I accidentally deleted this.... so I'm putting it back, I think)

  2. *Squee!* Really? You're moving to Eureka Springs? It's one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. It's very special to me as it's where my beloved and I spent our first week together (long story) and where we had our honeymoon. You have got to eat at Ermilio's, some of the best Italian I've ever had. We're not very far away in Springfield, MO, so this opens up the possibilities for actual real life clay meets! Being here in the Ozarks is a bit isolating at times, so having another claying person around here is just the best news. You're going to love it here!! Welcome!

    1. I am so looking forward to living in Eureka Springs! We will have to plan a get together once we get down there. I'm hoping Jackie will come for a visit... I would love to clay with you guys. I have already heard about Ermilio's from my cousins, it is one of their favorites... wednesdays and saturdays are lasagna nights. Lots of good places to eat down there and I want to try them all.