Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Goodbye to Holly

My darling daughter is sad today. Many years ago she took in this sweet goofy dog named Holly.  She was suppose to be Brandon's dog... Brandon is Heather's son.. but you know how that goes, right from the start she was really Heather's dog... well until Roger came along.... both Heather and Holly took to a liking to Roger ....so they took him into the family and she then became Heather's and Roger's dog.

 Holly was a friendly dog, she greeted everyone with a happy grin and a tail wagging like you wouldn't believe.  I was sure that tail was going to break every knickknack I had in my house, never broke a single one but I tell ya I held my breath when she came wiggling and wagging into the room.

She loved to go for walks and she loved to chase rabbits but she was afraid of cats..... except for the ones she lived with, those she tolerated and back in healthier days she got even with their harassing  by eating all the cat food.  She ate my cats food too, they did not like that and were always glad when she went home.

Holly has been ill for quite some time,  but the last few weeks her liver began to fail, then the last few days she could no longer walk so yesterday she made her final trip to the vet and was put to sleep.  Heather really loved that dog, I know this because when she could no longer tolerated dog food Heather  cooked meals for her and Heather does not like to cook.   Heather made her scrambled eggs or hamburger and rice..... for awhile she cooked her poached chicken breasts.  We'd go shopping, I'd be buying pork chop and round steak for my hubby, she'd be buying chicken breasts for her dog. Heather doesn't eat meat.... occasionally a little chicken salad ( only because I made  a really good chicken salad with mustard and dill pickles...  let me know if you want the recipe... I'm not kidding it really is good.)

So we have to say good bye to sweet Holly.... I am sure she is running free in doggy heaven.... and we will see her again one day.  

Here is Holly surrounded by the "boys"

I'm going on a mini vacation..... see you all next week.

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  1. So sorry to learn this loyal friend has departed, BJ. Sounds like she was totally loved and will be missed by human and cat chums alike...

    1. Thank you Monique, I appreciate the kind words. She was a sweet dog and a good friend to my daughter.

  2. Thank you mom! I miss Holly so much. She wasn't perfect but she was perfect for Roger and I. And she was such a blessing. She better come running when I make it to heaven. Love you mom.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Holly. Sounds like she was a wonderful part of the family, and very loved, and will be missed. Great picture of her among the kitties.

    Enjoy your vacation!!!

  4. Heather I am SO SORRY! I actually have tears in my eyes and I'm not much of an animal person. But, loss is loss and it makes us sad. (((((Heather))))). God bless.

  5. Dear Heather and BJ, so sorry about Holly. She was a pretty dog and sounds like she was a wonderful companion. Here is something that will help you that I always read when this happens. https://rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm. She will be waiting for you.