Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Polymer Clay Beads

I made a few beads but I haven't had time to blog.... I've been working in my yard and if i do say so myself it looks pretty darn good.  Or at least it did. We had a big storm come through last week that did some damage to my flowers but they are starting to come back.

Here's a photo of the corner garden before the storm. All the clematis blossoms were knocked off by the rain and wind but the vines are covered in buds and will be in full bloom once again in a few days.... the left side has lighter purple blossoms and the lilies below are a bright orange and will be blooming soon too.

Before I show you my latest beads here is the bracelet I made with the tube beads.

another view of the bracelet.

I seem to be on a green kick lately.... I made a focal bead with a gold "crater".....

and then green and orange beads to go with it.  I used a cane for the orange beads.

I call these my "Moon Crater" beads.  I highlighted the inside of the craters with gold and bronze PearlEx.

I made coin beads to use with the "Moon Crater" beads.

This is an assortment of beads I made from mostly cobblestone cane scraps.

These coin beads are from a small cobblestone cane plus 4 swirly beads from the same cane.  I used a watch gear to make the indent in the center of the swirly beads and then highlighted with PearlEx.

This is the back of the above beads.  I used a small border cane scrap to make the design on the back.

End pieces from reduced canes made interesting beads.

I used strips of scrap to make these.

I like to burn scented candles. I buy the little cheapy ones from Walmart. As a result I have lots of small empty candle jars. I can't bring myself to toss them in the recycle ben.....I keep telling myself  I will cover them in clay... and maybe I will.... but in the mean time I can use them to store my beads.

They look kinda cool.... hummmm ... I might even sell them in the jars....

I am now working on a couple journal covers and I have to make a covered tin for the latest Facebook Swap.... but first I am going to go out side and do a little tree trimming.

Thanks for stopping by.

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