Sunday, June 16, 2013

Polymer Clay Journal Covers

Every year when my daughter, Heather. flies off to Texas for the annual YaYa Sisterhood retreat. And every year  I send polymer clay gifts to her sister YaYa'ers.  I usually send jewelry but this year I decided to give them Polymer Clay Journals.  I had several journals made, only needed  two more.  Heather left thursday and my muse was not cooperating, she was in a jewelry mood ..... and then at the last minute she came through.... that was a relief.

Plus I had other distractions. The handyman was here bright and early wednesday morning to fix the gutters above my studio window.  For most folks this wouldn't be a problem but I am not a "bright and early" gal.... 10:30 or 11:00 is more my speed and I found it distracting to have a stranger just outside my window. Made me feel like a monkey at the zoo.  But I was glad to have the gutter fixed, no more leaks..... just in time too, we had a big rain today.

I tell ya I am talking to myself more and more these days..... thank goodness I have cats.... they think I am talking to them.  When I go from one room to another to get something..... the scissors,  the glue, a needle, my glasses, coffee.... I find if I say it out loud I have a better chance of remembering what I 'm after when I get to the other room..... and I won't spend an hour or two doing things in that other room,....the dishes, sweeping the floor,  taking out the trash, which leads to doing thing in the yard..... see how easily I get wonder it took so long to make two journal covers.   Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, telling you about the journals.

Here is the first one.  I made the background fairly quickly.  I played around with scrap clay and then added strips textured with Jacquard ribbon. I highlighted the designs with PearlEx powders.  I tried different doodad and finally settled on a flying snake for the focal point.   This one is for Ginny, she likes my flying snakes.

Close up of the snake.  I textured his body with a plastic net bag that originally contained cherry tomatoes.  He has green rhinestone eyes, I textured his wings with my stylus.

I made a Skinner blend variegated background  for the second journal cover.

I stared at it for a couple days and then went through my "critter" stash and decided on the bird.

But what else?  I tried flowers and leaves first.... didn't like'em so I got out hunks of tinted translucent clay and made a couple designs.  The one at the top is accented with a flower and textured dots.

and the one at the bottom looks a bit  like a picket fence made of pineapple life savers.  Don't you think it looks yummy?  I do.   I secured the bird to the cover with liquid clay.

 It was good to have them finished... I hope the YaYa's like them.

I have also been trying to keep up with my flowers.  Fritz likes to hang out when I'm outside working. Here he is lounging by the flower  pots.....

and here he is taking a nap. He's a silly cat, when I turn on the hose he likes to use it as a pillow. I guess he likes the sound of the water or maybe it's cool?  who knows?

Here is my new chicken planter, isn't she cool?  I went to Rural King to get the fencing and just couldn't resist.  They had some cool horse planters to.... maybe next time.  You know what else they have a Rural King that I love.... salt water taffy.... cinnamon and vanilla.... my two favorite flavors.

My next project is to made a fantasy themed covered tin and a twinchie for the latest Facebook swap.  I've never covered a tin and once again my muse is MIA, nothing "fantasy" is coming to mind..... better come up with something soon, I'd like to get it mailed next week.  Any suggestions?

 In the mean time I'm making beads.

That is it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. These journal covers are amazing!! Awesome work! I am also working on that swap too. Still trying to figure out what to do with the twinchie.

    1. Thank you Lupe. Hope you are having better luck with the swap pieces than I am.... I know what I want to do but it calls for a little sculpting and that is way out of my comfort zone. Wish me luck. BJ

  2. Great job on the journals, BJ! I like the snake but I love the bird. I have a beautiful bird ATC from you that I love, also. And your flowers!! They are so cute and precious, I enjoyed looking at them because we don't have flowers this year. Maybe later. Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Thank you Miss Jackie. I took lots more flower photos, I will post them just for you. BJ