Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pardo Clay Again

I didn't get tp play with clay as much yesterday as I had planned. Heather came over and we cleaned out the closet where I was storing my fabric... I have lots of fabric. One of my past interests was pillow making, I made lots of pillow so I have lots of fabric, and ribbon and all kinds of trim.  I wanted it moved to cabinet in the basement where it would be more accessible. But first we had to move all the books out of the cabinet where I wanted to put the fabric. Fortunately there was an empty bookcase in the storage room, those books went to auction ... just so you'll know, book don't bring much at auction... but at least there are no longer cluttering the basement.  Anyway, now all my fabric is neatly arranged in the cabinet.

Since we were on a roll we also moved all the vintage linens that were stacked on the day bed in one of the little back rooms. Lots of doilies, embroidered  pillowcases, aprons and  tablecloths. Those went to the basement too but most will be sent to auction.... you do get good prices for vintage linens... and some will be listed on Etsy.

Corny was quite pleased with the cleaned off daybed and promptly settled down for a nap.  It was  bright in there so she covered her eyes.  I know just how she felt, by the time we finished I was worn to a frazzle and needed a nap too.

Okay, back to the clay.  I did finish a few examples.  The bracelet tiles are made from cane scraps. The swirlie tile and bead are from magenta Pardo and for the blue I tinted Pardo translucent with blue metal paint and then added glitter.  I had a hard time getting the Pardo clay to swirl, not sure if it is the clay or me, I was tired and may have given up to soon. I'll try again and let you know.  The tube bead is from scraps and thin sheets of Pardo translucent covered in glitter.... did I mention I like glitter?  The nuggets are Pardo translucent tinted with Ranger alcohol ink. The color is butterscotch and I added a few veins of chocolate with chocolate brown Fimo Classic. The large nugget has been sanded and buffed, the little ones are not sanded or buffed.

Click on the photo for a closer look.

Tomorrow my daughters (I have two daughters, Heather and as Moe calls her not-Heather, her real name is Pathena, we call her Patty)  and I, and any men folks who want to tag along, are going to the  Wire and Art Festival at Carlyle Lake.  I have been anxiously awaiting the festival because the artist I buy Southwestern Native American gourd art from is going to be there. I forgot to show you the pieces I bought from her at the Art on The Square Festival last month. Here are some of the pieces. On many of her pieces she decorates the inside as well as the outside and she finishes them beautifully.  I love her work and am excited to acquire more. 

Don't you love the spider? In Native American lore mother spider taught the women how to weave.

This is the outside of the bowls

This is one of my favorites, the lid is precision cut along the lines of the lizards that surround the bowl.

The inside of the lizard bowl is painted a pretty aqua blue.  

 I told her husband they should open a shop on Etsy, he'd never heard of Etsy but said he would look into it.


  1. Kitty is SOOOOO cute! Want to trade? :D

  2. They are always cute when they're sleeping... not so cute when she is clawing at my knee wanting attention!