Saturday, November 28, 2009

Polymer Clay Two Part Pins

My cats and I are not having a good day.

Earlier this afternoon I was putting things away in the kitchen, Fritz was underfoot hoping I would drop something tasty when I accidentally stepped on his tail. I must have stepped pretty hard cause he is still giving me dirty looks and runs away if I go near him. I did feel bad about it but I'm a little tired of his holding a grudge.

Corny, on the other hand , has made it to the top of my "who I would like to strangle" list. I had a bunch of items laying on tiles ready for the oven when something startled her , she jumped in the middle and knocked everything on the floor. The carpet in that area is old and yucky so the things that weren't mushed or dented are covered in cat hair and carpet fibers.... and dirt.

So about the only thing I got accomplished today is putting pinbacks on a couple of the pins I needed to finish. Here they are.


  1. You are so good! I love both of these.

  2. Thank you Jackie, you always say the nicest things!

    Thank you Kathi, glad you like'em.