Sunday, November 8, 2009

Polymer Clay Canes & Tiles

Well I'm up early again... dang cat. We seem to be establishing a pattern. I made sure her food dish was full before I went to bed. Once again she woke me up and insisted I follow her to the kitchen. Yip. plenty of food in the dish, she just wanted company while she ate. I'm a late night person, I've only had a couple hours sleep, this is not my idea of fun.

Okay so here is what I made yesterday and last night.

I was very pleased with the last necklace I made and thought it would be fun to make a couple more in different colors. I constructed these canes and then used them to make round tiles. I also made mirror image pieces and some cabochons with the end pieces from the canes.

This is the first cane before reduction. First I made two skinner blends mixing Kato and Fimo Classic clay wrapped with Kato Pearl, Gold and Black. I like the colors that are achieved by mixing the two brands of clays.

The center cane and the one on the right is from the cane above. Similar cane only it doesn't contain gold clay.
I found the inspiration for the colors in the canes on the cover of this vintage Home Arts magazine. I made lots of tiles, some are shown here. I'll take photos of the others when I get them sanded.

Click on the photos for a closer look.


  1. Nice canes! I love the colors and the tiles that you're making from them. Now I want to go make canes.... lol. -Jackie