Friday, November 6, 2009

Marbled Deco Style Necklace

I'm a little cranky this morning... I dozed off last evening while watching Project Runway and woke up with a crink in my neck. I was hoping it would go away after a good nights sleep but no such luck... still sore. This reminded me of my granddad, it always amazed me how he could nod off in a sitting position when I couldn't fall asleep in a nice comfy bed, now I'm the one doing the nodding off.

So here is my latest creation. I made the tiles some months ago but couldn't decide how to join them together. Every now and then I would get them out, play with them for awhile and put them back in the "to do" box. I thought about putting loops on the backs and stringing them on waxed cord with knots in between but was concerned they wouldn't hang right. I played with the idea of loops on the back and then string on black rubber cord with "O" rings in between, again not sure they would hang right. I finally decided this would work and it does. I like the silver rubber cord better than black, don't you?

Click on the photos for a closer look.

When I see photos of jewelry I always want to flip it over to see the back side, so here is the backside.


  1. Wow BJ!
    Love this necklace! The colors and wire you've chosen are really beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jodie. I'm happy you like it.

  3. Nice beads - I love the modern geometric look to them. You came up with a really good way to string this necklace, you're so smart. So hey, where do you get the silver rubber cord? It's a lot nicer than black. -Jackie

  4. Thanks Jackie. I have rubber cord in several colors... I got it at one of your favorite places.... Fire Mountain :)