Saturday, November 21, 2009

Polymer Clay Colorful Mica Shift

Today I had a good time playing with texture stamps and mica shift. I have lots and lots of rubber stamps and texture sheets so decided I'd better use them more.

For the first one I tinted Kato Pearl with Fimo Classic Bordeau Red. I ran it though the pasta machine to the thinnest setting. I then went through my tub of mixed colors and found a small amount of lime green that I decided to use for the bottom sheet.... which I rolled out #1 on the PM.

I made the lime green by mixing Kato yellow with a small amount of black and then added white. I know I should write down proportions but I never do. I kinda mix colors like I cook, a pinch of this and a pinch of that until I get the color I want.

I put the thin sheet of pink over the green and ran it through the PM on the #1 setting. I then pressed the texture sheet into the clay. I always let my clay rest for at least an hour before I start shaving off the top. I know other can get a clean cut without waiting but I can't, it always mushes when I shave too soon.

I made the tube bead with the left over clay and added eyelets on each end. The hole is large enough for satin or waxed cord. I plan to attach the pendant to the tube with wire.

I know the colors are a little strange but I like em, hope you do to.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

For the last two I used the same sheet of stripes that I used to make one of the earlier pictured ink pens. I tinted Kato gold with a little bordeau red for the top sheet, gives it more of a bronze look. After I shaved off the tops I cut out the shapes with an exacto knife and set them aside to prepare the background sheets for each one.

The one on the left has a textured background, I laid the mica shift design on top and cut out a shape I liked and it was ready for the oven.

For the one on the right I made a striped background. I then positioned the two paisley pieces where I wanted them and cut out the shape. The all gold one is the piece I sliced off the top, I usually don't get that clean a cut but I've been trying every since I saw it done by friend Kathi of . I then removed the two pieces and cured the background piece so I could sand and buff, much easier than trying to sand around the two top pieces. Once that was done I placed the two pieces back in place, baked, dropped them into a ice bath, waited 20 mintues and then sanded. There is glitter that doesn't show up well it the photo... you can see it better if you click on the photo for a closer look.


  1. I like the mica shift. The green in pink work well together too. Nice blog!

  2. Awesome work, you are really sweet for sharing all your techniques with the world, as well. -Jackie

  3. When you say " I put the thin sheet of pink over the green and ran it through the PM on the #1 setting." Is that the thinnest or thickest setting on your machine ? I have been trying to learn this and would be grateful for your insight !

  4. The #1 setting on my machine is the thickest setting. Hope that helps, if you need more info just let me know.